Sunday, August 21, 2011



This blog represents a personal journal of the authors evolving opinions. The authors opinion will change as new information, knowledge and conditions arise.

Under no circumstance should this blog be considered as providing investment, trading or financial advice, recommendations or instruction to act.

The author is not a finance professional.

Investment, trading and other financial activities as may be mentioned from time to time all without exception carry significant risk of loss. Under no circumstances should the content within this blog be considered as advice or instruction to invest, trade or refrain from investing or trading in any security or other financial product.

Before making any investment, trading or other financial decision, independent financial advice should be sought from a qualified finance professional licensed to offer advice in your jurisdiction.

At any point in time the author may have long or short positions in the securities mentioned, securities which provide equivalent exposure or securities which provide inverse exposure.

The securities mentioned within this blog include exposure to leverage through derivatives or other complex instruments. Leveraged products are subject to significantly higher risk of considerable financial loss. Always read and understand the full prospectus for any security before investing and again always see the advice of a qualified financial professional licensed to act in your jurisdiction.

The author cannot be held liable for any loss incurred.

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